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Thank you for visiting our site www.communityhill.com, we hope to serve you to the best of our ability.


These terms of use describe the terms and conditions applicable to your access and use of our online platform.This document is a legally binding agreement between YOU as the USER or USERS of the site (referred to as “YOU”,”YOUR” or “USER” hereinafter) and COMMUNITYHILL.COM (referred to as “WE”, ”OUR”, or “COMMUNITYHILL.COM” hereinafter.

  1. Application of terms of use
  2. 1.1. Your use and access of the site and its services, products, online chat applications, online invoices and any other online related services are governed by the terms and conditions related to this agreement, Privacy policies, intellectual property rights protection policies, Rules and policies of Communityhill.com

    1.2. Communityhill.com may change and update these terms any time depending on particular situations or for a particular geographical region. Therefore you agree that Communityhill.com may make changes on these terms and agree that the amended terms will still apply to you. Therefore it is the user’s responsibility to read them from time to time.

    1.3. People below the age of 18 should not access or use this online platform or receive any services from this online platform and should not accept the terms of use. This applies to all Countries where the online platform may be accessed on the internet.

    1.4. Before signing up on this platform every user is required to verify their email address.A verification link would be sent to the user’s email address.

    1.5. At any moment if the terms of use are amended Communityhill.com would send a notification email to every user of the online platform.

  3. Our service to you
  4. 2.1. At Communityhill.com every user is required to sign up to become a member of our community.To post a classified ad or an announcement in some categories the user may be required to pay a fee.

    2.2. Due to limited internet service in some parts of the world this online platform may not function properly.It is the user’s responsibility to make sure that the internet is fully accessible.

  5. Using the site
  6. 3.1. By accessing the site and using it, implies that you agree to abide by all the applicable laws,terms of use,billing policy and privacy policy.

    3.2. Accessing and using this online platform implies that you acknowledge our age of user requirement which should strictly be 18 years and above. No matter which Country or region you may be from this is applicable to you. Please if you are below 18 years do not access or use any services on this online platform.

    3.3. You accept that you will not copy text from this platform or download images from this platform for commercial purposes.

    3.4. Business owners, suppliers, retailers may attach links of their websites onto this website. However Communityhill.com does not associate herself with the activities on those websites. By signing up on this online platform as an individual or as a business you agrees to our terms of use and

    acknowledge that we do not associate with the activities that take place on those websites.

    3.5. No part of this online platform may be copied or reproduced in any way at any particular time.

    3.6. If a user fails to verify the email address included at signup their account may not be accessible.

    3.7. Posting pornographic content of any form be it text or image is highly prohibited on this online platform.

    3.8. By signing up you agree that Communityhill.com may close your account if we realize that you misuse the platform.

    3.9. No unauthorized material may be posted by any user on this online platform.This includes copyrighted material in form of image and text,

    4.0. The Sale of drugs, alcohol, spirits, intoxins of any kind is not permitted on this platform.

  7. Seller’s responsibility/Service Provider
  8. 4.1. By posting items for sale you agree that you have provided accurate and truthful information about the condition of item/items. By posting services offered you agree that the information listed under the services you provide is true.

    4.2. You agree that you shall not sell fake products or replicas of internationally known brands.

  9. General user responsibility.
  10. 5.1. By signing up at Communityhill.com every user agrees to abide by the terms of use.

    5.2. The user also agrees that it’s not a robot signing up.The user therefore confirms that the email address provided is truly an active email address.

    5.3. Not at any time should any user distribute spam,viruses that may harm our systems. Every user should respect the privacy of other users on the site including sellers,buyers and service providers.No offensive, abusive or vulgar words should be used on our plantform’s internal communication system.

    5.4. Use of this online platform implies that you agree to our terms of use. As a user you agree NOT to use this platform for any unlawful activities such as sale of drugs, alcohol, spirits or intoxins.

    5.5. Signing up on this online platform implies that you accept not to collect other users’ information at any point in time whether with intention to use it or not to use it.

    5.6. Every user of this site agrees to indemnify Communityhill.com, our directors, affiliates, agents, employees, representatives, and to hold them harmless, from any damages, losses, claims and liabilities which may arise from breach of contract or wrongful use of the site due to posting un accepted content or copying of content.

    5.7. Some services on the platform may be provided by third party companies that we may be in business cooperation with.The user should be aware that the terms of use on those third party sites applies to the user as well.

  11. Buyer and Seller Transaction Terms
  12. 6.1. Both the buyer and seller agree and understand that Communityhill.com does not guarantee that the seller will have all the posted items in stock and Communityhill.com does not guarantee that the buyer would always buy the whole quantity of posted items. Further communityhill.com does not guarantee that users would always respond to posts made by service providers.Therefore we do not represent either the seller or buyer,neither do we represent the service provider or any individual who may post an announcement on this platform.

    6.2. No user should use this platform at any time to solicit funds from unsuspecting users on this platform,it’s prohibited.

    6.3. Every user acknowledges that in case problems or injuries arise from the use of a product purchased or service rendered by a seller or service provider through Communityhill.com or arising from dealing with people falsely claiming to be representatives from Communityhill.com, we are not responsible for these injuries and should not be held liable. However we shall try our level best to ensure safety and security of users and their information.

    6.4. The user is advised NEVER to exchange confidential information with another user or with a seller or service provider on the chat system of this platform.Confidential information includes phone numbers,dates of birth,social security numbers,bank account numbers,passwords,debit/credit card information and any other information that is considered confidential by law.

  13. Trademark infringement, Copyrights and Intellectual property rights protection policies.
  14. 7.1. Communityhill.com is the lawful owner of the site’s content. All the contents on our site are copyrights, trademarks, and intellectual property owned by Communityhill.com either in form of text, images or technology systems.

    7.2. Any web links that may be provided by us for reference or any web links that a user may attach to a post does not imply that we recommend them entirely and we do not associate with the content on those sites and we do not guarantee that content may be available and accurate at all times.

    7.3. Logos, icons, and related symbols that we may put on our website are registered trademarks, service marks of Communityhill.com

    7.4. Communityhill.com may be in partnership with other companies for provision of better service on the online platform, as such no user should use trademarks of these companies without written permission from these companies.

  15. Force Majeure Not at any time should Communityhill.com be held liable for any delays, disruptions, or failure in content delivery through the site resulting from indirect or direct acts of nature, environmental forces that may lead to internet failure, power failures, labor shortages or worker strikes, fires, heavy rains and floods, regional wars or any failure by a third party company to provide the required service.
  16. Notice
  17. 9.1. All legal notices or demands to Communityhill.com shall be made in writing and mailed to our address, and made to the Attention (Attn.) Legal Department: COMMUNITYHILL 301 GREAT RD #9 ACTON,MA,01720

    9.2. All legal notices or demands made upon a user of Communityhill.com shall be effective if either delivered in person to us or sent by an electronic format through the Contact Us Page.

  18. General legal provisions
  19. 10.1 Our failure to act in respect to the breach of any part of our terms by a user of our site does not imply that you are exempted from abiding by these terms.

    10.2. Communityhills.com and you or your company are independent contractors and no partnership or joint relationship is created by these terms

    10.3. The terms shall be governed by the laws of the United States of America.

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