COMMUNITYHILL forums are where buyers and sellerscan engage with each other andCommunityhill representatives.

Buyers and Sellers can ask and answer questions andlearn from each other.Members can also share their suggestions on how wecould improve this trading platform.


By using Communityhill’s forums you agree to the following:

  • Only persons aged 18 and above may post on the forum.
  • Avoid duplicate, repetitive posts on the forum.
  • No posting copyrighted content and this includes imagesand texts.
  • Respect each other and behave in a professional manner.
  • Your posts should be constructive and useful.
  • Moderators may take action against anyone in orderto keep the forum organized.
  • Violating these policies may lead to being bannedfrom the forum.
  • All posts should only be in English.
  • No posting personal or business contact informationon the forum,sharing emailaddresses,phone numbers is prohibited.
  • No posting advertisements or promotional materialson the forums.
  • Posting inappropriate content is prohibited and thisincludes hate speech,Vulgarwords,insults,Pornographic content,hostile commentsare all prohibited.
  • No posting active codes that could harm our system.
  • Any disrespectful content,negative content and inappropriatecontent is highly prohibited.
  • No posting false information on the forum.Postingunsubstantiated content is prohibited.
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